Well done! Positive. Caring. Respectful. Friendly. Honest.

well doneIt’s a very busy time at school just now with classes involved in shows, trips and visits from various speakers.  How fantastic then to hear feedback from members of the community about the qualities that our pupils are showing.

“The children .. were a real joy to be around – the site staff all commented on how well-behaved and engaged they were during the activities. We even had positive comments from members of the public!”

“Just a quick note to say how great the P7 show was. Well done to all the children from P4-P7 it was fantastic!”

“Just want to say VERY WELL DONE to all pupils and teachers for a great PORRIDGE SHOW!!!”

“That was a huge amount of work to pull it off and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the children perform.  They did very well remembering all their words, costumes were great and what a nice set. The choreography was also great  and the kids were very enthusiastic.It was something to be really proud of in the school.”

Great to see our pupils demonstrating the values that we have agreed as a school.

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